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This website is for Starseeds of all ages. This is how Collins Dictionary defines a Starseed: 


1. An incarnated extraterrestrial (E.T.). A human whose soul incarnated from another planet or dimension.

2. A human from Earth with a human and extraterrestrial parent or one with recent ET ancestry.

Be that as it may, Galactic Astrology is perfect for Starseeds of all ages, so welcome to my three-level Astrology method, namely to: 

Galactic Astrology as part of a Three-Level, Archetypal Astrology, Used as a Transformational and Healing Tool

Let's have a look!


Galactic Astrology uses fixed stars in aspect with a person’s natal (and draconic) planets and points, to establish that person’s galactic connections. It also uses the information gathered by researchers from clients from all parts of the world, who very often have no interest in galactic or historic matters in their everyday lives, but who, when in deep states of hypnosis, appear to retrieve from some form of a non-local, collective databank, memories and information about humanity’s remote past on Earth and on other planets and galaxies.

The fact that these memories by people who do not know each other seem to be consistent is what makes everything particularly convincing. The information that researchers have been collecting, contributes to the definitions of those galactic Archetypes which are used in a Galactic Astrology Archetypal Reading. 


When working in synergy, Tropical, Draconic and Galactic Astrologies clarify the challenges and lessons each person is here to face and work with, and highlight their gifts and talents. Bringing these types of Astrology to work together takes hours and a highly fine-tuned intuition, but it emphasizes what Astrology does best, which is to provide a Cosmic Language that seems to connect our souls to the Cosmos and All That Is. (Here is a link to a brief video on Galactic Astrology and here is a video on Draconic Astrology. More videos to be found on my YouTube Channel)

This Three-level, Archetypal work helps marry the conscious and unconscious spheres of our psychological make-up and provides our egos with a map that details what the soul decided before incarnating, which the ego would be wise to follow, in order to find balance and peace.

As to the more common effects of a consultation, for a person to read or hear about who they are at their core, and being offered a clear glimpse of their soul’s plans before incarnating makes that person feel part of Creation, it helps them feel that there is purpose and order to life, to feel more empowered and motivated to start following their own inner guidance and intuition more – it directs a person back to their own souls and it ideally promotes self-love, which is fundamental. To summarize, a consultation that offers the benefits of all three forms of Astrology, can be beneficial for anyone who is looking to deepen their relationship with themselves – it is undeniable that to be able to be seen in such a way feels very comforting indeed for a client, and that, in itself, is very healing.

And last but not least, this work helps especially people who have been feeling different from the norm, the so-called “Starseeds”, find a reason to embrace life on Earth with much more joy and groundedness. What could be more healing and liberating for those who hear a different music than to learn that it is OK to feel a Galactic Citizen, a Homo Galacticus, cosmically connected not only to Earth and her Inhabitants, but also to other stars and galaxies? What a great adventure to be given the chance of delving more deeply into one’s own unconscious, including also one’s Galactic component!

Ultimately, giving oneself or another person the gift of a Full Consultation (Three-Level Archetypal Astrology) sounds the idea of a Lifetime, an adventure not to be missed!! I WOULD BE HONOURED TO ASSIST YOU IN YOUR GROWTH... (info on consultations on the relevant page)


To help answer this question, I am presenting here an important and long-standing study on our genomic DNA and conclusions thereof, rarely talked about, but published in the prestigious Icarus Journal in 2013, ten years ago.


(Icarus Journal, Vol 224) A 13-year study of genomic DNA (instead of radio signals) aimed to expand the scope of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)

The title of the article that appeared on Icarus Journal is :“Wow! signal” of the terrestrial genetic code. The full article is publicly available at this link:

What transpires from the whole research article and the study’s conclusions, is that, given the incredible intelligence found in the composition of human DNA, it seems almost impossible that it may exist as a natural phenomenon, emerging from a spontaneous evolutionary process.

So one important question naturally arises – Are our progenitors extraterrestrial, galactic intelligences, cosmic brothers or forefathers/Founding Fathers who tampered with our DNA eons ago, then?

As a potential answer to that question, here is another important discovery - According to the memories retrieved by the collective unconscious of some people under deep hypnosis, our human DNA is a mixture of the DNA of at least 22 different galactic races/species. What do you choose to conclude from this?

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